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Top teen rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte discusses a teen nose job

Top teen rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte discusses a teen nose job

Top teen rhinoplasty surgeon and nose jobs

The top teen rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC understands that high school can be a vital time in the life of a teenager. Feeling overwhelming insecurity about something that is as noticeable as your nose during these years can result in many negative consequences, such as not making friends with other teens and low self-esteem.


For these reasons, it is easy to see why many teenagers choose to turn to rhinoplasty procedures early to correct their nose issues. After a nose job procedure, teens who have realistic expectations and a healthy perspective are generally delighted with their new look and go on to have a very successful life.


Expert teen rhinoplasty surgeons can provide a substantially dramatic result on the look of teens. However, it is essential to know what can and cannot be done through this procedure.


Pros and cons of teenage rhinoplasty

The choice for a teen to have a rhinoplasty procedure shouldn’t be taken lightly. Teens and parents need to consider the pros and cons of the procedure. A teen should consider all of the options if a nose job is what they really want. It’s important to find the top teen rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss these issues with.  Some pros and cons of a teen nose job are:



  • Rhinoplasty at a young age may mean faster healing
  • The sooner you fix your nose at a younger age due to it being a detriment to the full enjoyment of life, the better, and you can enjoy the results longer.
  • Breathing problems should be corrected as soon as possible, this can be done without changing your nose’s shape, or it can be a convenient time to change your nose’s look.
  • Now can be an ideal time because looking the way you want can mean more during your teen years.
  • You can feel more self-confidence with a new nose and come out of your shell to participate in life more than ever before, but remember that you will still be you on the inside!
  • Teen rhinoplasty surgeons can bring balance to your face



  • At this stage of life, teens can feel overly critical of their image. Hormones and brain development can make teens prone to comparing themselves to others, making impulsive decisions, feeling that they are lacking in some way, and wanting to fit in. Surgery may not be necessary if you wait before making a significant change because you may realize that you like the way you are.
  • You just might change a feature that you are proud of later if you kept the original look. What you may see as undesirable now may be notable, unique, image-defining, or a feature of a proud ethnic heritage later in your life. Your perspective can change as you age.
  • You may regret this decision if you want a nose job because other teens in your school are doing the same. You should only have rhinoplasty if that’s what you want. Do it for you.


Will top teen rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte be right for you?

Visiting your top teen rhinoplasty surgeon to undergo a nose job procedure is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Since the results of a nose job will last for an extended period for teens, it is vital for you and your parents to consider the pros and cons. Teens and parents should also consider these factors when evaluating the details of the procedure:



Before you are eligible for rhinoplasty surgery, you must be anatomically ready. It is vital to meet with your surgeon for an evaluation to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate.



You will need to understand the ramifications of a nose job procedure. Your top teen rhinoplasty surgeon can explain how a rhinoplasty surgery is performed on teens, the recovery process, and other aspects of the procedure. Doing so will ensure that teens and parents understand what to expect throughout the entire process.


Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.