When choosing revision rhinoplasty, it is essential to clarify why you are unhappy with your previous operation.

Carefully consider what bothers you about your nose:

  • Do you not like the look or feel of your new nose?
  • Do you sense you have lost your appearance?
  • Is it causing you breathing difficulties?

The more thorough you can be, with your Charlotte, NC facial plastic surgeon, the more likely he or she is to have the opportunity to correct your breathing problems and address your aesthetic issues.

Your medical records and consultation notes for the previous procedure may contribute to successful revision rhinoplasty. Former documentation includes intricate details, which can be used to develop a new surgical plan.

After discussing the things, which you don’t like about your nose, the time has come to deal with the required results. It is crucial to have a surgeon who understands what you want to achieve aesthetically and functionally.

Bringing pictures of your nose that will fit in with what you are hoping to achieve is a good idea, although having realistic expectations is essential. The right nose for you is a nose, which balances facial features and, at the same time, fulfills your aesthetic goals. Your facial plastic surgeon will have an intimate understanding of the anatomy of your face and nose to help him explain and visualize your goals.

If you are dissatisfied with the result of the previous procedure, and it has already been over six months, then you may be a suitable candidate for revision rhinoplasty. Generally, you are advised to wait a year before applying for rhinoplasty surgery for the first operation to heal completely.

With Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, you are in the best hands. Now might be the best time to start the process, contact Dr. Freeman, and get ahead of the game for when things are back to normal.

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