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Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeons explain different nose jobs they offer

Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeons explain different nose jobs they offer

Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeons handle your nose job procedure

Best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeons take care of the nose job procedure based on your interests. Not only is there cosmetic rhinoplasty, but there are also numerous additional types of nose surgery. There are numerous types of nose jobs, each with a distinct intended consequence, however, that is undoubtedly a very popular option for many patients looking for an efficient solution to improve their visual appeal.

Because every person’s body is distinct, every cosmetic surgery and every other type of surgery will be a little bit different. Let’s look at the various types of nose operations that are available and what they are used for.

Reduction rhinoplasty in Charlotte 

Reduction rhinoplasty minimizes the size of the nose, as the name implies. When patients choose this sort of surgery, they can decide whether to focus on particular sections of the nose that need to become smaller, such as the tip, a hump or bump, and more. In order to obtain the desired form and size, the resizing procedure frequently involves removing bone and/or cartilage from the nose.


Augmentation rhinoplasty

The doctor uses bone or tissue grafting during this procedure to strengthen the nasal tip and/or bridge. He or she frequently makes use of cartilage from different regions of the nose, most frequently the nasal septum.

The rhinoplasty surgeon can augment the nose with a variety of materials if a patient does not have adequate tissue in this area. These include autologous implants (made from the patient’s own tissue), alloplasts (synthetic implants), and allogeneic materials.


Reconstructive rhinoplasty

Due to the lack of tissue that has been excised or lost, the nose may be badly deformed following surgery to remove cancer or infrequently after face injuries. Reconstructive rhinoplasty refers to surgery needed to replace missing or irreparably damaged tissue.In order to replace the lost component tissues, surgical repair calls for the use of grafts and flaps from different body sections.


Revision rhinoplasty

a surgical treatment intended to restore the shape and functionality of a previously operated nose. Many people struggle to breathe through their noses or are unhappy with the aesthetics of their noses as a result of previous nasal surgery.

Refinement rhinoplasty

Refinement rhinoplasty is a highly customized surgery that specifically addresses the distinctive face features of each patient. Tip refinement can comprise a variety of techniques to shape the nasal tip in a more attractive way that harmonizes with the other facial characteristics. In order to achieve the desired tip shape or direction, your surgeon may add or remove cartilage and tissue.

Work with the best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeons- Dr. Sean Freeman

The different rhinoplasty procedures help you get the results you desire. You should work with the best Charlotte rhinoplasty surgeons for the best results.

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