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Charlotte’s rhinoplasty specialist explains enjoyable activities for recovering patients

Charlotte’s rhinoplasty specialist explains enjoyable activities for recovering patients

Charlotte’s rhinoplasty specialist helps patients relish their recovery time

Charlotte’s rhinoplasty specialist recommends that patients take on a few fun activities as their nose heals. It’s important to take the recovery process seriously to avoid knocking or bumping the nose or doing anything that could affect it. That calls for making lifestyle changes for a favorable outcome. Feeling too groggy or unable to do anything more than rest for the first day or two post-surgery is typical. But you’ll have another week or so before resuming the lightest activities.

What can I do while recovering from a rhinoplasty?

  • Tune in to the latest TV shows

If you’ve been too busy at work to follow up on your favorite shows, now could be a great time to catch up. Whether you only missed a few episodes or a whole season, the show may still be available on demand from your cable provider. If not, you may find them on a streaming service like Netflix. Even better, you can search for those episodes on DVD before surgery, so you are good to go soon after.

  • Listen to an audiobook

It’s crucial to avoid putting any pressure on your nose. This includes the weight of eyeglasses on your nose’s bridge. If you utilize a pair of glasses to read, you are better off listening to an audiobook. Many libraries let you borrow audiobooks for a specific period. Simply download the books from Kindle or iPod with only a few clicks and eliminate the need to leave the walls of your bedroom. Something light should work fine, so it won’t matter if you doze off. These include the latest hit trilogy or a comedy book by a famous writer or actor.

  • Take a walk

You should avoid the gym and other strenuous activities for the first four weeks after surgery. But you are encouraged to take up light activities the day after the procedure, such as going for a walk. Your rhinoplasty expert will be specific on when you can start walking again. Walking following a rhinoplasty procedure is beneficial, and there a good reasons. It helps avoid boredom and reduces muscle weakness or soreness from sitting for long periods. Walking promotes blood flow throughout the body to avoid swelling. Still, always take it easy during your walks to prevent your heart rate from increasing too much.

  • Play games with your family or friends

You can use the recovery period to bond with your loved ones through board games or card games. Choose from all-day events like Monopoly or Risk, or opt for shorter game sessions that take approximately an hour. In case your family is not into board games, no worries. There are various video games available. Select relatively desk-bound games to avoid acting out any movements that could interfere with healing.

Work with Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist

Everyone’s healing process is unique. Your surgeon will provide personalized advice before and after the procedure. Work with Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist for smooth recovery. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.