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Rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC explains the different rhinoplasty procedure types

Rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC explains the different rhinoplasty procedure types

Rhinoplasty specialist helps you improve your nose’s shape and functionality.

Rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC handles many nose job cases each year. Each patient has different needs for the rhinoplasty procedure, but all come to two options; either shape or function.


The differences in rhinoplasty procedure types are adapted to meet client needs. Over the years, rhinoplasty surgeons have perfected the art, making the different results look natural. When handled by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, you can be sure that the results you get will be the best possible for the procedure.


This article focuses on what rhinoplasty is and the different procedures you can undergo for top results.


What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure focused on altering the shape of the nose to improve its functionality or better the patient’s looks. As one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, the procedures can be conducted for appeal, and in other cases, they are applied for corrective needs.


Rhinoplasty surgeries are categorized into two types; open and closed rhinoplasty.


Open rhinoplasty

It involves a nose job where incisions are made on the tissue strip that separates both nostrils. The procedure aims to decrease the excess bone structure and cartilage to fit the client’s needs. Most of the nasal skin is draped away, so the nose can be repositioned. After the whole procedure is completed, sutures will be placed in the nose to begin the healing process.


Closed rhinoplasty

Under this category, nose jobs are performed through incisions made inside the nose. This procedure is common where extensive incisions need to be made. Again, the surgeon will best determine what areas to make adjustments based on the patient’s case.


Reconstruction often focuses on the soft tissue where the sutures will fit well within the natural creases. After the procedure, the patient has to rest to start recovery immediately. Some side effects will be bruising and swelling, but they subside after several days.


What the cosmetic rhinoplasty process does

You need to hire a board-certified and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for the best results. Common cosmetic issues include;


  • Nose size-reduction


  • Narrowing the nose’s bridge


  • Correcting a hooked or bulbous nose tip


  • Straightening a crooked nose


  • Creating more balanced or asymmetrical aspects of the face and nose.


Hire the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC

Rhinoplasty procedures can be quite complex, and trusting incompetent persons with the job will leave you with poor results. Work with the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC, for top results.


Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.