Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

Rhinoplasty – Charlotte, NC


Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular forms of facial plastic surgery, second only to eyelid surgery. It can change the size of the tip of the nose, make it point in a slightly different direction, reduce a nasal hump or repair a broken nose. After surgery, there will usually be swelling and bruising in the nose. The bruising will fade within a week to ten days, but the swelling can last for several weeks, and you will not be able to see exactly what your new nose looks like until it has gone down. If you are not satisfied, it is possible to perform a new rhinoplasty to improve the results. This is called a revision rhinoplasty, and there are surgeons for whom it is most of their practice. If you are considering this, you should wait for at least one year after the first rhinoplasty. To be sure of getting the best results the first time, look for a surgeon with a gallery of before and after rhinoplasty photographs on his or her Web site.

Charlottes most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

A good rhinoplasty surgeon can figure out the best way to perform the surgery on your particular nose, and will pay attention to your wishes. The surgeon can use computer imaging to show you various possible outcomes of the surgery, allowing you to describe precisely the results you want from the operation. Look for a surgeon with a state-of-the-art suite for operations.

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