Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

Rhinoplasty – Charlotte, NC


The nose job has a long and honorable history, but it is only in the past hundred years or so that surgeons have been able to use it to improve the look of a nose that works perfectly well but does not look good enough to satisfy the patient. It can serve a medical purpose, such as repairing a deviated septum that might cause sleep apnea. After surgery, you can expect a certain amount of swelling, a little bruising and maybe some temporary skin numbness. These effects will fade with time.

Charlottes best rhinoplasty surgeon

When choosing a surgeon to perform rhinoplasty, you will want an experienced specialist who can give your nose a thorough examination inside and out to choose the best way to operate on it. This will involve determining the thickness of the skin on your nose — the thinner the skin, the thicker the cartilage under it, as a rule. The surgeon reshapes the cartilage and bone under the skin, making incisions on the inside of the nose or between the nostrils to avoid any obvious scars. Sometimes a nose job comes with a chin implant, to give balance to the face.

The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte is Dr. M. Sean Freeman, who has been certified by two different boards of surgery. Since 1988 he has focused on facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty. If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in a nose job, schedule your appointment or online consultation with the top rhinoplasty surgeon of Charlotte today.

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