Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

Rhinoplasty – Charlotte, NC


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure involving the nose. It can be used to make the nose larger or smaller, change the angle or tip, diminish bumps or indentations, and correct other defects or asymmetry in the nose. Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty surgery consult with you on the best route to take to achieve your individual goals.


Before the procedure, your surgeon will analyze the structure and skin of your nose, as well as your medical history, which includes any previous procedures, nasal obstructions, and medications you take. Your surgeon may require certain laboratory blood tests, like a pregnancy test. Your surgeon will go over your aesthetic goals with you to determine if they are reasonable and achievable. Many patients are also candidates for a chin augmentation, which can help compliment your rhinoplasty by making your nose appear smaller or more proportional to your face.


During the procedure, your surgeon will make incisions either inside the nose, between the nostrils, or at the outer edges of the nostrils. For chin implants, incisions are made inside the mouth.


Bruising tends to last for 7 to 10 days, swelling can last for a few weeks, and temporary skin numbness may also occur. Nasal packing is usually not required.

Your Surgeon

Dr. M. Sean Freeman is Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. He is based at the Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, a state-of-the-art surgical center conveniently located in Charlotte. Dr. Freeman has specialized in cosmetic facial plastic surgery since 1988, and has pioneered numerous techniques.

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