Psychology and rhinoplasty

Know your mind first A change in your face, such as a nose job is one of the biggest changes you can make to yourself, and you’ll want to be sure you know exactly what you want and why. Fortunately, a facial plastic surgeon with a lot of experience can help you with this, going…Read More »

Teen rhinoplasty will be a rough ride

If a teen wants a nose job Rhinoplasty for teenagers is becoming more and more popular, but you still need to make sure the teen is old enough. Partly this is for medical reasons — a girl’s nose hasn’t finished growing and developing until about 15, and a boy’s nose hasn’t finished growing until about…Read More »

Manage your nose job preparation and recovery

How to get the most out of your nose job Prepare for your nose job by stopping smoking and not taking aspirin or ibuprofen. Get someone to drive you home. For the first few days afterward, take your antibiotics and follow your surgeon’s advice on cold packs. Drink lots of fluids and keep your head…Read More »

What a nose job surgeon knows

Understanding the nose To perform plastic surgery on the human nose, a surgeon has to be able to look at a person’s face and figure out what sort of nose would look best. The modern surgeon doesn’t just slap a standard “ski-slope” nose on any sort of face, but there are a few general principles…Read More »

What to do when getting a nose job

Preparing for rhinoplasty To make sure you get the best nose job available, there are two things you need to do first: Find a surgeon with a state-of-the-art suite for operations, including computer imaging software that can show you your face after a nose job. Make sure the surgeon knows what you want, but be…Read More »

When you need revision rhinoplasty

When rhinoplasty fails A nose that has been subject to a bad nose job really distracts from the rest of the face. According to the Web site Real Self, 89% of those who rated their rhinoplasties in the last two years said that they were worth it, but that isn’t 100%. A number of things…Read More »

The best nose jobs look like they never happened

Getting a modern nose job Modern rhinoplasty is sometimes performed to fix injuries or congenital deformities, but is more often performed to make a functional but unattractive nose look better. The key to successful rhinoplasty and other forms of plastic surgery is that it looks completely natural. A successful nose job is one that no…Read More »

Recovering from rhinoplasty

The first week after a nose job If you’re planning on having rhinoplasty done, get ready for the recovery. It might hurt a lot, and ibuprofen and aspirin aren’t recommended right now. Ask your surgeon whether cold packs on your face are a good idea. The first two to three days after rhinoplasty are the…Read More »

Nose jobs tailored for every patient

Every rhinoplasty is different Noses come in many shapes and sizes. The skin is usually thicker in men than in women, and the thicker the skin, the thinner the cartilage underneath most often is. The cartilage and bone are what the surgeon operates on, unless there’s a scar on the nose that needs revising. In…Read More »

Rhinoplasty customers are satisfied

Rhinoplasty mostly successful According to a study in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, an average of 3.3 percent of rhinoplasties need revision, and according to, 89% of customers who rated their rhinoplasties in the last two years said they were worth it. This is particularly important since the nose is the central feature of the…Read More »

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