Good rhinoplasty worth paying for

Quality is something worth paying for The history of rhinoplasty is very long, but not very pleasant to read about in detail. The medical practices of bygone centuries tend to be kind of horrifying. It was not until the advent of anesthetics in the nineteenth century (and until Dr. Lister taught the medical establishment about…Read More »

Surgery on different noses

Different kinds of nose The nose is an essential feature of the face, yet the nose itself is less often remarked upon for its beauty than, say, the eyes or the lips. It complements the other features. What people generally want from a nose job is a nose that is not too big, not too…Read More »

Planning for a rhinoplasty over the holidays

If your son or daughter wants a nose job If your son or daughter wants a nose job, make sure he or she is old enough — around age 15 in girls and 17 in boys. The Christmas season is the perfect time for teen rhinoplastyg — they can spend their break at home recovering….Read More »

Getting great results from rhinoplasty

How to get the nose job you want When talking with your surgeon about what you want from your nose job, you need to be clear on your intent. A great way to prevent miscommunication is to use computer imaging to study your face. Some doctors use 3D printers to create a physical model of…Read More »

A nose job requires planning

Choose the right surgeon and plan ahead Revision rhinoplasty — a nose job to fix the results of another nose job — is more complicated than regular rhinoplasty, just as expensive, and you have to wait at least a year before the original surgery to have it done. Best to choose a surgeon who’ll get…Read More »

Getting a nose job after an accident

After a nasal injury Rhinoplasty is most often done for aesthetic reasons, but sometimes it’s done because of a recent injury. When a nose is not set properly, people often want it fixed as soon as possible. No two surgeons deal with the problem in exactly the same way. If the bones are displaced rather…Read More »

Finding a surgeon to give you the nose job you want

Finding a surgeon who can give you the kind of nose job you want The very first first step in getting a nose job is to find the right surgeon. The surgeon you’re looking for is one who has a state-of-the-art suite for operations and a high rating from customers on Web sites such as…Read More »

If you want to give the gift of rhinoplasty

A Christmas rhinoplasty? With Christmas coming, you may be planning to give someone you love an expensive gift that doesn’t take up space, such as a nose job. Christmas is actually a good time for a nose job — the holidays can be spent recovering. But you want to be absolutely sure the person you’re…Read More »

If you need revision rhinoplasty

Sometimes things go wrong Most people who get nose jobs are happy with them, but sometimes there’s an error in communication or something goes wrong during the procedure. Revision rhinoplasty can fix your nose, but you’ll have to wait at least a year after the initial surgery. While you’re waiting, find a specialist in revision…Read More »

Answers to your nose job questions

All about nose jobs Will my insurance or Medicare cover my nose job? Only if it’s done for medical reasons — say, to correct a deviated septum, which can cause sleep apnea, leading to a variety of health problems. But if it’s strictly cosmetic, you’ll have to foot the bill yourself. How many nose jobs…Read More »

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